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My name is Mayer Bram and I have been involved in the Victorian Wine and Spirit Industry since before Christ was born! How do you think he got the "water into wine" idea? I have spent over forty years in retail liquor stores and during that time it has been my pleasure witnessing the legend of modern day wine making.

On this site I will present you with my thoughts and analysis on the Wine Industry and the changes that affect it. I will bring you news about new products and stories from my own work place. Please feel free to respond to any of my posts with your thoughts or suggestions or general feeback. Ask me for information on Wine, Spirits and Liquors - or ask me about Australian made Liquors and traditionally brewed beers!

Saturday, December 03, 2005


Out of stock? Plus Botobolar Mudgee Shiraz and Happs Red.

This was first posted on my old web site on Wednesday June 28, 2000.

The Big M on securing a sale for product you do not stock.

Anyone working in the business knows the feeling when a client requests some product not stocked by the store. You want to project the best image for the store and do your best to service the client. I treat such queries with honesty and a willingness to find the product requested. I say something like “No retailer can afford to carry all stock items offered to them by their suppliers. Allow me to make you this offer: leave me your details and I will come back to you with prices for it instead. I will find you a single bottle price, a case price and if available, the discount per case!" I always suggest that this offer is for a case or multiple buy: otherwise I would soon have a storeroom full of cases with just one bottle missing.

Most times my client will be agreeable to this non-obligatory offer and the sale will be secured. On some occasions I will offer alternative suggestions from stock items on hand, although I do not believe in forcing my opinions on to a client.

Share a sense of your own experience.

Nine times out of ten I am able to re-assure my client that I have had personal experience with the items that they are looking for. I frequently attend trade functions where new vintages of wines are offered. I read extensively from trade magazines and journals. I involve myself in conversations with company representatives.

This keeps me well studied in my field of expertise and more importantly ensures I remain product orientated at all times. If my client comes seeking Spirits or Liquors, beers or even cask wines I have that dear treasure, Product Knowledge on hand. It never fails to enhance any sale!

Do not bluff!

I have a cast iron rule in dealing with clients: if I do not know of a product, I will immediately tell my client so. I never insult a client by trying to bluff my way around the query!

Table Wines free of Preservatives.

Are you looking for table wines free of Preservatives.(i.e. sulphur 220). Let me introduce you to the following Australian wine makers' product.

Vintage 1999 Botobolar Mudgee Shiraz.

This 1999 Preservative Free Shiraz is made from 100% Shiraz grapes grown in the beautiful Mudgee Valley. The wine is free of any additives and made in a fresh, light and early drinking style. In the glass the wine displays a ruby colour. On the nose it exhibits spice and a musky perfume of rich sweet fruit and makes for very easy drinking.

Do not cellar this wine. Drink it early, as it will not improve with age. Contact me for information as to where you can obtain stock!

Now, let me display my product knowledge by offering another red table wine: one whose maker has created a complete wine style that will not only allow the consumer to drink an Organically created wine, but also a wine that has been created without out any wood treatment whatsoever!

1999 Happs Red, Preservative Free.

The major grape varieties in this blend are Merlot, Tempranillo, Malbec, Sangiovese and Grenache. All these varieties have been blended in stainless steel tanks alone to create a true Nouveau style for this blend. This wine is then processed and bottled without the use of sulphur dioxide.

However, the wine-maker (and I after having sampled the product) suggest with confidence that this wine will cellar well over the next five to ten years! Contact me for information as to where you can obtain stock!

Thanks for reading!


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